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Testing Talent know that graduate recruitment is particularly important for organisations in developing their talent pipeline.  Are you looking to identify the best graduates?  For instance, graduate engineers, HR graduates, media graduates, et cetera?  Our range of online psychometric and personality tests will identify your managers for tomorrow.

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We provide a wide range of personality tests to identify those values that contribute to workplace success.  Moreover, our online personality tests focus on the important traits needed for your business leaders to succeed.  We partner with you using our assessment expertise to ensure the people you recruit are successful in today’s business world.

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Testing Talent specialise in providing a wide range of psychometric tests for employers.  For example, verbal and numerical reasoning tests as well as diagrammatic, mechanical, spatial and error checking tests.  In addition we also arrange a range of other tests.  Our online psychometric tests are a cost effective approach to identify talented people.

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About Testing Talent

Testing Talent specialise in the area of psychometric and personality testing using a wide range of proven psychometric tests.  We know the difficulties employers face in recruiting staff.  You have a lot at stake.  For example, what if the person doesn’t work out?  Firstly, you will have spent a lot of money and time.  Secondly, you will have to repeat the hiring process.  Finally, you may perhaps find that your next new hire is also not suitable.

At Testing Talent, we have built up an excellent reputation with our existing clients.  As a result, they rely on us to provide them with the insights into an individual’s ability to actually do the job.  In addition, they also know if the person will ‘fit in’ to their business.

We talk to you in business terms

We ensure that our reports are easily understood.  Psychometric data is difficult to understand but we ‘translate’ this into normal business language.  Often we are told that psychometric tests are easy to fake.  To clarify, this is not the case. In short, it is extremely difficult to cheat on our assessments.  This gives you great confidence in the accuracy of the information we provide.

In today’s search for the most talented people, our online psychometric tests give you an edge over your competition.  To sum up, we save you money, time and effort.  In short, we get the best people for your business.

What We Do

Testing Talent are independent Chartered Occupational Psychologists.  That is to say, we work only for you.  As a result, we are not obligated to any one test publisher.  We specialise in providing verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests and deductive reasoning to name a few.   Being independent we have access to hundreds of tests, including many specialist ones.  Moreover, our team are qualified to use personality tests from SHL, Saville Assessment, Talent Q, the Thomas Profiling system, 16PF, Hogan, etc.

Our only goal in working with businesses is to choose the most appropriate psychometric or personality test that will deliver the results you need.   We know that our clients value the professional and unbiased advice we provide in the complex area of psychometrics.  Likewise, rest assured that the psychometric tests we recommend are always carefully matched to your needs.

What makes us different

Firstly, Testing Talent care passionately about your experience with us.  Secondly, we are acutely aware that we are representing your organisation and brand.  Finally, when working with your candidates we always treat them with respect, dignity and kindness.

All our work is carried out in accordance with international standards as set out by the relevant local psychological bodies.   Testing Talent are totally guided by our values of being:

Transparent | Professional | Caring | Engaging

Trusted By The Best

Testing Talent provide testing across a wide range of industry sectors.  Quite literally, we have tested thousands of people with our user friendly on-line psychometric systems. Testing Talent tests are used for external and internal selection, identifying future leaders, succession planning and developing your future talent. Does your organisation wish to see significant returns of investment by ensuring the most talented person has been selected?  The clients below all have been working with us for many years, with great success.


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