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Transparent | Professional | Caring | Engaging

How We Started

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dominic McCanny and I own and manage Testing Talent.  In establishing Testing Talent  my ‘Mission’ was to provide business organisations with a world class assessment of the people they wished to recruit or promote.  Today, this is still my ‘Mission’.

My story doesn’t actually begin as a psychologist.  In fact, it began as a clerk in an insurance office on 3 September 1973.  Quite a few years ago now.  However, selling insurance for 21 years gave me a great insight into people.  Running a busy insurance brokerage and managing staff over this time also provided me with excellent managerial skills.

I knew though that I was searching for a different challenge.  So, in 1994 it was time to move on and since then I have studied and applied psychology in the business world.  I absolutely love my work.

The people I work with are totally amazing and share my vision of identifying talented people for businesses.  As a collective of Chartered and Business Psychologists we provide real insights into the skills, abilities, and motivations of your people.  Our work is particularly satisfying and we get a real buzz out of working with our fantastic clients.

AND, we can proudly say that we really do live up to our values of being:

Transparent | Professional | Caring | Engaging

What We Do

Testing Talent are a specialised psychometric testing organisation using on-line tests to identify talented individuals in business environments. We are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest independent providers of tests and provide assessments for organisations no matter where they are located.  With so many different aptitude and personality tests available Testing Talent have continually refined the products we recommend so that you can be assured that with over 20+ years experience we know that they identify talented people for your business.

We help businesses select best-fit candidates who can perform immediately and adapt to changing business demands.  In addition, we identify and develop the business leaders of the future, creating a long-term competitive advantage.  Our process is one of helping businesses develop a dynamic and agile workforce and improving the quality of the people hired.  We go the extra mile, using world class products, carefully chosen by our team of experts to meet your assessment requirements. 

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Why Choose Us?

Although we are small in number we are BIG on experience.  The team has a combined experience of 60+ years of assessing new hires and developing people.  And, as a team we work incredibly well together.  Our approach to working with businesses is to fully understand your needs.  You know what you are looking for in your ‘ideal’ candidate to hire or promote.  We find out for you if they are likely to be your ‘ideal’ person.

The tests we use are all carefully chosen to ensure that they are both a reliable and valid assessment tool for your needs.  We have established excellent working relationships with the publishers of psychometric tests and really know their products.


Lets be honest, understanding psychometric tests is complex.  What we do, is to translate the complex into everyday language that you as a business can easily understand and apply.  In addition, we don’t sit on the fence!  If the person we are assessing is unlikely to be your ‘ideal’ candidate we will advise you of this.


As Chartered Occupational Psychologists we meet the strict codes set down by the British Psychological Society that ensures our professionalism is always something you can trust.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism.  It is a requirement that we always continue with our professional development.  When we say we will deliver, we always do.


Our commitment to caring for you is absolute.  We care about your staff who work with us; helping, assisting and being a critical friend when needed. We care passionately about your candidates experience with us; we are acutely aware that we are representing your organisation and as such ensure all candidates are treated with respect, dignity and kindness.


You will find us engaging to work with.  We really do love the work we do.  If we do ‘challenge’ you this is done in a supportive way.  As we spend about one third of our time at work it is important to enjoy it.  You will enjoy working with us.

Meet The Team

Our team at Testing Talent is a collective of Chartered and Business Psychologists with a considerable depth of talent, spanning many years of experience, in helping businesses select, promote and develop the right people in organisations.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality professional standards for all our clients with a personal and caring approach to all the work we undertake.  And, we are a pretty friendly bunch!

About Us - Dominic McCanny image

Dominic McCanny

Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Testing Talent is headed up by Dominic McCanny.  He has 25 years experience in assessing individuals both in a hiring and development context.

About Us - Michelle Minnikin image

Michelle Minnikin

Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Since 2002, I’ve worked designing and delivering bespoke selection procedures for complex organisations, including the NHS, Balfour Beatty, and AMEC.

About Us - Wendy Kendall image

Wendy Kendall

Chartered Occupational Psychologist

I have spent over 20 years helping multi-national organisations solve their people development issues, building international teams and creating global leaders.

About Us - Paula Gardner image

Paula Gardner

Business Psychologist

A recent Masters Graduate in Business Psychology I have undertaken academic research in the field of ethical leadership.  I love this area of work.