The Heroes In Your Business Are Your Great Administrators


Administrators, are often the silent engines driving businesses forward.  Within your business, you of course will have often seen the results of poor administration.  Incorrect details with poor grammar and spelling on letters and numerical mistakes on invoices, to mention only a few.  These all add up to a poor reflection on your business.  In other words, mistakes cost you money and your reputation!

There are many different job roles, such as Executive Assistant, Admin Assistant, legal, HR and Payroll administrators.  We also have many people with a Bachelor of Business Adminstation (BBA) qualification, so are well qualified.  However, no matter what the title, administrators perform essential tasks for your business.  In addition, they contribute to your success.  Most importantly, administrators need essential skills whether this is in verbal and numeracy reasoning, error checking or MS Office.

Mistakes as you know can be particularly costly and very frustrating.  Our range of psychometric tests lets you see who is likely to be a talented individual for your business.

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Administrators – What skills do they need?

Whatever role your administrators undertake, whether clerical, administrative, secretarial, systems or payroll you need people who are efficient and effective.  Your administrators are ambassadors for the business.  Above all, you know that first impressions count.  So what attitudes, motivations and skills do you want an administrator to have?  At Testing Talent we believe there are three main aspects to consider.

First – What are the technical skill sets required?  This might be good verbal and numeracy skills or ability to spot errors.  How proficient are they in MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel?  Can they manage data bases?  Importantly, for some roles, what skills do they have in social media?

Second – Dealing with people.  Can the individual work on their own?  How do they present to the public?  Are they team oriented?  Will they be a quiet or outgoing individual?  It is certainly important for administrators to have the ability to interact with people across all areas of the business and with the public.

Finally – Seeing the ‘big picture’?  Administrators need to understand how their work ‘fits in’ to the performance of the business.  Similarly the individual needs to recognise how their work influences all other area of the business.

This last area is often overlooked by businesses.

How we can help your business

Hiring the best administrators whether in sales, HR, admin and so forth is not easy.  We provide you with clarity in making the right decisions to recruit and promote the best people for your business.  As independent Chartered Psychologists we only recommend those tests that predict performance.  We have 21+ years experience in doing so.

Following discussions with you we may recommend aptitude tests.  If you want to test skills in MS Office we arrange this.  We can also arrange an administrative judgement test.  This measures an individual’s ability to plan and organise, service delivery, achieve results, team work and communication.  Likewise, we can arrange to assess their likely behaviours in the workplace.

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