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Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to take on an apprentice to make your business work better.  In any apprenticeship programme taking on any new employee will see you invest a considerable amount of time and cost in their training and development.  Therefore, employing apprentices is a great way of harnessing new fresh talent and moulding them into a high performing individual.  This new talent helps equip your workplace with the practical skills that  your business needs now.  Working with many organisations they report to us, that the apprentices have improved their productivity.  In addition another benefit reported to us is that the workforce is also more motivated and loyal.

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Apprenticeships Facts

Here are some facts on apprenticeships:

Firstly, people entering apprenticeships in England is down | Apprenticeships in Ireland is up

Secondly, in both the UK and Ireland most apprentices are under 25

Finally and importantly, more apprentices are finishing their programmes and more are undertaking Higher Level Programmes

Apprenticeships are an excellent vehicle for your organisations to address skills shortages.  As an organisation you will invest heavily in developing your apprentices.  Therefore, it is important to initially select the candidates with the most potential.    However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to recruit for engineering, accounting, degree and a lot of modern apprenticeships.

Testing Talent excel in this area.  We have an excellent reputation of identifying if candidates have the core skills for your apprenticeship programme.

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Apprenticeships | How Testing Talent Assists Employers

Often people commence an apprenticeship thinking that this is the career for them.  We know that this is not necessarily the case.  Some people have some skills to be effective whereas others will struggle as an apprentice.  You know that it is costly to train an apprentice.  Similarly, many members of your staff are involved in this training.  Therefore, it makes sense to identify those individuals with the greatest potential.

As experts in assessing people, we have a range of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and error checking tests as a first step in assessing people.  For technical apprenticeships we also assess, mechanical reasoning, spatial reasoning and logic skills.  Most importantly, from our experience we know that organisations also want to know the following.

Is the candidate focused on solving problems?  How likely is the person to enjoy team working?  With constant change in businesses are they adaptable?  Likewise employers really want to know if apprentices will deliver results?

We offer leading edge assessment tools from many different test publishers that can provide answers to these questions.

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