Have you the talented Brexit leaders to survive?

Having talented Brexit leaders will I believe see some organisations continue to grow and prosper.  However, the countdown is well and truly with us and the need for clarity and progression has never been stronger particularly with both Airbus and BMW recently warning about the threats of jobs in the UK.  In Ireland the Irish Diary Board, ORNUA also warn of the calamitous effects of restricted access to the UK market for the dairy industry.

Brexit Leaders - The Dark Hedges

What is clear whatever the final outcomes will be; leaders in business will undoubtedly have all their skill sets well and truly tested.  So what kind of leaders do we need, now and in the immediate future.

The learning leader is possibly one aspect of leadership in the fast-moving Brexit negotiations (or maybe not so fast), that can assist.

A simple model, developed by Korn Ferry following extensive research, that will possibly help all leaders of any size organisation cope with Brexit is as follows:

What We Do; Brexit Leaders Need to:

  1. Embrace new experiences to spark learning and development.
  2. Adopt deliberate practice and reflection to build skill and automate changes.
  3. Learn from others, both in learning communities and when applying skills in the real world

Who We Are; Brexit Leaders Need to:

  1. Foster a growth mindset; they must care, be curious, and open
  2. Leverage emotion to spark motivation and activate effort
  3. Optimise stress to move out of a comfort zone and into a learning zone

Pausing; Brexit Leaders Need to:

  1. Create space to choose a different approach.
  2. Enact behavioural commitments to create sustained personal change.

How will your organisation embrace the Brexit changes?

With the demographics in organisations changing and the nature of work under constant change with AI and Automation impacting considerably and set to further develop in the next few years.  It may be that the opinions of your staff will have the ‘fresh and innovative’ ideas to surf the tsunami of implications that Brexit will bring.  They may be more in tune with your customers.

So, does your organisation look to all sections of the workforce to generate ideas, to be innovative and to succeed in this Brexit era?  Saville Assessment in their recent paper ‘The Future of Leadership’ state “a large chunk of the workforce feels they have a more relevant understanding of their markets and clients than their leaders” and are “full of fresh ideas” that reflect this. They are, consequentially, often “dissatisfied with decisions that current leaders are taking”. This can be particularly pertinent among cultures where an approach of ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ is ingrained.”

So, lets embrace these challenges and throw down the challenge to all staff members to rise to become the new leaders, post Brexit.

Let Us Identify Your Brexit Leaders

As specialists in leadership assessment, contact us to see how we can identify your Brexit leaders.

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