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Customer Service

Customer service jobs are an essential area for businesses today.  We all know when we receive good customer service.  We also know what it feels like when we receive poor and sometimes shabby customer service.  In this area as a business, you know how much time it takes to deal with people who are disappointed with the service they receive.

We believe that your people need to be good listeners and strong customer advocates. In addition it is equally important that the people you hire stay with you.  Delivering a great customer experience means being predictable, repeatable and sustainable, and that’s much tougher with high staff turnover.

How we can help you deliver great customer service

Creating a great customer experience starts with the people you hire.  Above all else you know that if you do not hire the right people your business will suffer.  At Testing Talent we know that.  Therefore, with the experience we have built up over 21+ years we measure for you the fundamental skills and abilities required for customer-facing and service roles in industries such as retail, hospitality, call centers, transport and manufacturing.

In short, our assessments provide a flexible, quick, cost-effective and objective way of assessing your job applicants.

Above all, we base our assessments on well-researched models that reflects those competencies needed in customer facing roles. Likewise, we work with you to identify the competencies that best reflect job success.  Importantly, we also produce an interview guide, that allows you to conduct higher quality and more relevant interviews.  In addition, we also provide an overall candidate suitability score giving an indication of their fit for your job role.

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Key Benefits

No two organisations are the same.  That is why we work with you to identify unique hiring solutions that really benefit your business.  These are:

First – Reduce the time to hire | By sifting out unsuitable candidates early you can focus your attention on those most likely to succeed

Second – Improve the quality of hire | Using our competency approach you quickly see which candidates have the greatest potential

Third – Turn candidates into your business fans | Our unique approach means that candidates are left with a positive impression of your business

Finally – Meaningful reports | We produce easily interpreted reports that your managers and candidates appreciate

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Your business is unique.  We use a wide range of reports to identify those people who are going to be successful.  Below are just a few sample reports of the assessment tools we use.  Click on any of the links to receive all of the reports.