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Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment presents many challenges for employers even with record number of graduates leaving our universities.  For employers it is about looking beyond academic experience.  Today employers recognise that it is a competitive recruitment market and difficult to attract talented graduates. On the other hand though, five in six hiring managers think that the graduates they hire lack the right knowledge and skills.

On the positive side graduates are able to make informed decisions, are creative thinkers, take the initiative and assume responsibility.  However, many lack teamwork skills, are poor communicators and often lack the ability to persuade others.   In addition, they are often not resilient in the face of continuous change. Sound familiar.

With such a competitive market you now need to rethink the fundamentals of your graduate recruitment.  We are here to help using our wide range of psychometric and personality tests.  From our work in this area we use our extensive graduate recruitment expertise to objectively, sift out and screen in the most talented graduates.  In short, this saves you time, energy and finances.  But most importantly, lets you recruit the best graduates.

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Graduate Recruitment | Our Assessments

When you advertise your graduate recruitment competition you will often receive many applications for any type of a graduate position.  We take a pragmatic approach in initially sifting out the less able candidates.  As a first step we still rely on using verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and logic reasoning aptitude tests.  Which employer does not wish to know if a graduate has good skills in these areas?

The graduates you hire today are your managers of tomorrow.

To further reduce the risk of a poor selection decision we work closely with you to identify your success factors, so that you place the right people in the right positions.  We help you make better hiring decisions by identifying what the graduate really enjoys doing, what they are good at and where they will thrive in your business.  Depending on your budget we will often recommend a personality test.

We also arrange bespoke Assessment Centre activities to reflect a specific business role within your business.

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What Graduates Want From Employers

Today’s graduates are particularly well informed.  They are mobile and they know what they want.  Therefore, employers need to factor into their recruitment campaigns some of the following to attract the best candidates.

Pay and Benefits | Coming out of university with considerable debt unsurprisingly graduates want a job with guaranteed earnings.  If benefits such as a pension and medical insurance are available this also helps.

Developing their Career | Graduates want to be involved in the business and to make influential connections

Work Culture | They want to love the culture, were people want to work together and contribute to the company’s values and success.  They want to be able to interact with leaders who are approachable.

Flexibility | Graduates look for job satisfaction and engagement.  High on the list is flexible working hours.  Working from home when they are not required at work is a bonus.

Making an Impact | Important to graduates is that they want to see the company making a positive impact on social issues either locally or nationally.

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Testing Talent are independent of any test publisher.  Nobody knows how your organisation works better than you.  We therefore always work with you to fully understand your needs.  Once we establish them, only then do we search the market for those products that will truly deliver an objective assessment of those people you wish to recruit.  You will always find that we truly live by our values of being | Transparent | Professional | Caring | Engaging

Below you can download sample reports for a candidate undertaking a verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and logic aptitude test; a personality report and a behavioural report from some of the test publishers with a proven track record of identifying the right graduates for your business.  Click on any of the links below to receive FREE samples of all the reports.

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