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Personality Testing

Personality testing is a bit of a mine field.  There are just so many different personality tests and the number is growing continually.  For instance, most organisations have heard of the Myers Briggs test (MBTI) or the Color Personality Test.  They are very popular as they are fairly easy to understand.  However, in the world of recruiting people the MBTI and Color test are not suitable. To clarify, even the test publishers responsible for these products clearly advise against using them in a recruitment context.

Personality Testing – Which one should you use?

So how do you as an organisation know what type of personality test to use?  At Testing Talent, we only use companies that have developed their personality test using the Big Five Personality Traits.  This is sometimes also referred to as the Big 5 Online Personality test.  Moreover, in a recruitment context this is the international standard on which personality testing is based.

Above all, getting the right talented people for your organisation is of primary importance.  You all have experienced the ‘ideal’ candidate not being ‘ideal’ at all!  The person who has just not fitted in!  The person who has caused endless difficulties!

To ensure that these risks are minimised, we use leading personality tests that are independently reviewed.  For example we use the SHL OPQ, Saville Assessment’s Wave, Talent Q Dimensions, the 16 Personalities test (16PF), Thomas Emotional Intelligence test, to name a few.  When we recommend a personality test you can be assured that we know what we are talking about.

In short, if considering using personality testing as part of your recruitment process talk to our experts.  To sum up, we will guide you through selecting the right product to identify the key people for your business.

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Personality Testing – CEOs | Directors

Personality testing for Chief Executives and Directors is of vital importance.  There are so many different theories in the area of leadership.  Transformational, transactional, situational leadership to name a few.  So, what type of leaders do you need in your organisation now and in the future?

In identifying ‘Exceptional Leaders’ it is important to know if they will make a business-critical impact.  Are they likely to be effective?  What negative influences and risks may they bring to the organisation’s culture and performance?  Is it not vital for your organisation to understand the style and behaviours a new CEO or Director is likely to bring to your organisation?

What should you look for in a CEO or Director?

In short, competencies and strengths are great but in key leadership roles you need more.  For instance, how pioneering, professional and people orientated is the individual going to be from both an operational and strategic leadership perspective.  In addition, you need to know how they will perform in a constantly changing business environment.  Certainly, it is not easy.  But, we can help.  Our expert Chartered Occupational Psychologists have considerable abilities working in this area.  They bring an excellent reputation in the area of leadership selection and development.

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Personality Testing | Managers

Personality testing for managers is a very effective way to identify between average performers and above average performers.  Managers hired using our assessments are 8 times more likely to be promoted within 3 years!  With 5% of staff leaving organisations each year due to bad managers it is particularly important to identify an individual’s potential to lead and inspire.

Why do Managers Fail?

Management plays a significant role in the success of your business, whether it involves project management, time management, change management or any managerial responsibility.  But, the key drivers of success are your managers.

You all know the managers that are not particularly good in their role.  Often, they lack vision, don’t appreciate staff; allow situations to fester; and don’t listen.  Is it no wonder that managers fail in their jobs?

At Testing Talent, we identify the critical managerial capabilities, motivations, abilities to drive competitive advantage and the abilities to build high performing teams in an ever-changing business environment.  Let us help you.  We will save you time, money and energy.  Importantly, you will see the potential of the people we will recommend to you.

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Sample Personality Reports

In undertaking personality assessments, we know that no one size fits all.  That’s why after 20 + years Testing Talent has been changing the way businesses like yours find the talented people for your job roles.  Whether it is for CEOs, Directors, Managers, Sales Professionals, Professional Staff, or Management Trainees our knowledge of the market ensures that we provide you with a deep insight into the likely way in which an individual will operate within your business.  Click on any of the links below to receive FREE samples of all the reports below.

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