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Sales Jobs

Sales Jobs and the people who fill these roles are undoubtedly the life blood of any commercial organisation.  There are so many different sales jobs such as sales assistant, sales executive, sales manager, telesales jobs, lettings negotiator to name a few.   Therefore, you can quickly see that sales jobs are key roles for any organisation.

However, the problem for organisations is how can you identify the ‘talented’ sales people.  How often has the individual provided a glowing CV and did a ‘great’ interview only to then simply not perform.  Most importantly, for you as an organisation you realise that all that time, energy and money is wasted.  Back to the drawing board!  It can be so frustrating and disappointing!  To sum up, how do you identify if your ‘ideal candidate’ can really meet the targets you set for your sales positions?

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Sales Jobs – Some Interesting Facts

Do you know

66% of all sales people are just AVERAGE performers!

A superior sales assistant produces 32% more output than even an average sales assistant

A superior sales manager produces 48% more output than even an average sales manager

The question is how do you know if the sales person has all the key traits in the sales cycle to become a top performing sales assistant, car sales executive or sales manager for your business?

How we identify your superior sales people

Testing Talent have worked with many organisations in understanding the requirements for their sales jobs.  In addition, with over 21+ years experience we have successfully guided many businesses in this area.  Most importantly, we have built up an expertise in understanding the skills, motivations and business skills to identify those individuals most likely to succeed in sales jobs.

We use a range of valid and reliable psychometric tests including personality profiles, situational judgement tests, verbal and numerical reasoning tests.  With our assistance, you will be able to see who is likely to be a LOW performer, an AVERAGE performer and a SUPERIOR performer.

In short, we are able to provide you with deep insights to predict and drive performance in your sales jobs.

No two sales jobs are the same.  Moreover, no two sales people are the same.  Testing Talent have an excellent reputation in identifying the superior sales people for your business.  Similarly, we have an extensive experience in assessing salespeople.  Download below a Free sample report from just some of the many international test publishers we use.  Click on any of the links to receive all of the reports.