Will Your Technical Staff Have The Passion For Your Business?


Technicians are particularly important for most businesses today.  There are many different jobs technicians undertake.  For example, in accounting, pharmacy, IT, CAD, computer, vehicle, maintenance and electrical to name just a few.  As a business, you know that attracting the right people is difficult in an increasingly competitive market.  In addition, keeping your talented staff is also a big issue for businesses.  As a result businesses often find themselves rushing to fill vacancies, only to find out the person isn’t that suitable.

You are now in a bit of a dilemma.  Do you try and work with the technician to develop them?  Or, on the other hand do you simply put up with the person’s poor performance?  You may of course ask the person to leave your employment.  That of course, is not a particularly nice situation to have to face.  In conclusion, you have wasted considerable time and effort.  It has also cost you financially and a lot of time.

Sound like a familiar story of your experiences.  At Testing Talent, we have often seen these difficulties.  However, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution in identifying and selecting the right people for your business.

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Identifying Talented Technicians

In our work over 21+ years we believe the following five traits are important for all technicians to have.

First – Has the technician the technical skills to do the job?  Of course, these vary depending on the job role.

Second – Can they understand problems and provide solutions?

Third – Is the technician resilient and dependable?

Fourth – Are they focused on delivering results for your business?

Finally – Can they work with people?  The people in your organisation, customers and clients.

Above all, it is important for you as a business to identify the skills and traits needed for success with your technicians.  Testing Talent provide assistance in this important area.  This allows us to make sure we are clearly identifying the success factors for the technical people you employ.

How we can help you

At Testing Talent we have a range of approaches to assist you.  Firstly, we take time to understand your requirements.  We ask you loads of questions about the role.  For example, what does good or poor performance look like in the job role?  And then we ask some more questions?  Only once we are clear on your requirements do we then suggest a range of psychometric tests.

These can be aptitude tests, situational judgement tests or personality tests.  We also have some specific job tests for example, a test for accounting technicians or cost accountant.  For a vehicle technician, a mechanical and spatial test.  For engineering technicians, understanding logic and process diagrams.  In addition, our range of personality tests provides you with a deep insight into how the person will ‘fit in’ with your business culture.  Below you can download free samples of the types of psychometric tests we use to identify and retain quality staff.

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The following tests are only a small number of the reports that we use.  As independent Chartered Occupational Psychologists we have access to over 300+ tests as recommended by the British Psychological Society.  Click on any of the links to receive all of the reports.